Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Apr 3–6

Mechanical Testing of Metals Open image in new window

ASM World Headquarters, Materials Park, OH

This is a hands-on introduction to standard mechanical testing and the properties derived from those tests, together with a discussion of testing philosophy to determine suitability for service and suitability for manufacture. Standardized testing procedures (ASTM, SAE, AWWA, etc.) are discussed, including limitations of a test, why specific requirements are present in the test procedure, and interpretation of experimental results. There is discussion of how metallurgical variables can affect test results, and how microstructure can affect selection of a given testing procedure (For example, hardness testing of wrought versus cast material). This course is taught at a level that requires some algebraic manipulation as well as the use of logarithms. Students are required to bring a scientific calculator (3.0 CEUs).

Apr 5–6

Practical Fractography Open image in new window



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