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Sep 28–Oct 1

Theory & Applications of Press Forging & Die Design

Cleveland, OH

The 15th presentation of a four-day Forging Industry Association (FIA) education program provides forging-specific information regarding the application of various types of presses, as well as guidelines for designing tooling for forging and trimming. Taught by experienced academic and industry experts, the specific goals of the course are to broaden knowledge about press forging, provide a basis for objective press selection, furnish useful tool design guidelines, compare approaches to press automation, and review guidelines for matching the press to the part in terms of size and operational features.

Contact: Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation, 1111 Superior Ave., Suite 615, Cleveland, OH 44114; tel: 216/781-6260; fax: 216/781-0102; e-mail:; web:

Oct 19–20

Practical Fracture Mechanics

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