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Fouling and Corrosion in an Aero Gas Turbine Compressor

  • R. K. Mishra
Technical Article---Peer-Reviewed


This paper deals with the study carried out on fouling and corrosion problems in an aero gas turbine engine which operates from coastal environment. Various parameters responsible for such problems are presented in the paper which causes deterioration in performance and leads to failure of the components. Prevention and control procedures for fouling and corrosion are also highlighted. Compressor washes such as performance recovery wash and desalination wash are found to be very effective in addressing these issues. The frequency of compressor wash is to be judiciously worked out from the corrosion rate and performance deterioration points of view.


Corrosion failure analysis Corrosion fatigue Environmental degradation Gas turbine 


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  1. 1.Regional Centre for Military Airworthiness (Engines)BangaloreIndia

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