Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Apr 7–9


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North Charleston, SC

Knowledge of the basics of an alloy system that plays a role in medicine, gas and oil exploration, plus aircraft propulsion and power generation can be valuable to employees of and employers in the aircraft or land-based turbine industries, as well as areas such as dental and orthopedic structural materials. This course can provide that knowledge. This course will focus on the nature, properties, and usage of a class of metal alloys called the superalloys. The content will include an overview, melting/casting/forging information, nickel-, cobalt- and iron-base superalloy properties and characteristics, corrosion behavior, coating for surface protection, and some thoughts on the future of superalloys (2.0 CEUs).

Apr 13–16

Principles of Failure Analysis (4 days)

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ASM World Headquarters, Materials Park, OH

This lecture course is designed to provide the knowledge to bridge the gap between theory...


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