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Software Increases Speed, Ease of 3-D Engineering Simulations

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) spinout Akselos has developed novel software, based on years of research at the Institute, that uses precalculated supercomputer data for structural components—like simulated “LEGOs”—to solve finite-element analysis (FEA) models in seconds.

Akselos’ software runs on a novel technique called the “reduced basis (RB) component method,” which reproduces expensive FEA results by solving related calculations that are much faster, and merges it with the idea of decomposing larger simulations into an assembly of components. “We developed a component-based version of the reduced basis method, which enables users to build large and complex 3-D models out of a set of parameterized components,” says David Knezevic, Akselos’ chief technology officer, who co-founded the startup with former MIT postdoc Phuong Huynh and alumnus Thomas Leurent. “We’re trying to unlock the value of simulation...

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