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Single-Stage Models of Stress–Strain Curves Up to Maximum Load: Duplex Stainless Steel and High-Strength Steels

  • David Lukezic
Technical Article---Peer-Reviewed


There is a need for developing an accurate and united mathematical model representing tensile engineering stress–strain curves of duplex stainless steels and high-strength steels up to maximum load.


Mechanical behavior Mechanical property estimation Duplex stainless steel Steel Tensile strength Tension Plastic deformation 



The author thanks Sulzer Pumps, in particular Ernst Lutz, Head of Technology & Innovation and Engineering, and Thomas Kränzler, Head of Materials for supporting development and innovation projects. The editorial efforts of Philippe Dupont, Head of Global Core Technology, and Joy Tharian, Senior Development Engineer were also greatly appreciated.


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  1. 1.Department of MaterialsSulzer PumpsWinterthurSwitzerland

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