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Outokumpu Reintroduces Stainless Steel Grade for Resistance to Chloride Corrosion

Outokumpu Steel, Finland, has reintroduced stainless steel grade UNS S32654 (24Cr, 22Ni, 7.3Mo, 3Mn, 0.5N), which has a unique combination of high strength and outstanding resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for service in process streams as well as in seawater handling systems. Results of corrosion tests in chloride environments show that the alloy has higher resistance to the different forms of localized corrosion than the other superaustenitic grades. In addition, resistance to crevice corrosion can be on a par with or better than some nickel-base alloys. UNS S32654 is qualified for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production within NACE MR 0175/ISO 15156.

These results and details of a number of qualification tests are described in the latest issue of Acom,Outokumpu’s science publication. Testing was carried out in accordance with NACE TM 0177 and also in autoclave...

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