Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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X-ray and Computed Topography Combine for Submicron Resolution FA

North Star Imaging Inc. introduces the X25 CT compact digital X-ray and computed topography system designed for submicron resolution imaging and ultrahigh-accuracy scanning, making it suitable for electronics failure analysis. It houses a precise five-axis manipulator with vibration isolation system. It provides a 228 × 228 mm scanning envelope and a rotational stage capable of handling up to 11 kg. These features make it suitable for X-ray and CT applications ranging from 3-D metrology to failure analysis both in industrial quality control and R&D laboratories. The system is dedicated to the inspection of small- to medium-sized objects in the electronics, medical devices, and other sophisticated industries.

With an X-ray voltage range from 10 to 160 kV, the X25 CT system provides an overall maximum system resolution of <0.5 μm and a geometric magnification of up to 4000×. Its maximum scan travel is 228 mm vertical and...

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