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Medical Materials Database Featured at Orthotec 2012

The need for consistent relevant and reliable information is requisite for emerging materials that will be critical in medical device development and applications in the near future. ASM International’s Medical Materials Databasehelped attendees understand the importance of materials selection during the 3rd Annual Orthopaedic Design and Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition, June 6–7, 2012 at the Orthopaedic Capital Center at Grace College, Winona Lake (Warsaw), Ind. Gary Mushock, Product Manager for the ASM Medical Materials product portfolio, was “excited to participate in this conference. It not only provides awareness of the value of our database, but serves to promote the importance of materials science and materials selection in medical product development. Additionally, ASM needs to be engaged in the area of emerging materials to continue to serve the industry with reliable information for the advancement of technologies....

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