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This issue of the Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention is a special issue containing six papers from the Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology’s 2011 Conference, MFPT: The Applied Systems Health Management Conference 2011: Enabling Sustainable Systems. The papers were presented in the “Failure Analysis—Engineering Solutions for Failure Prevention/Case Histories” and “Prognostics and Health Management” sessions.

Modeling Erosion Wear Rates in Slurry Flotation Cells, by M.G. Lipsett and V. Bhushan

Identification of Failure Mechanisms to Enhance Prognostic Outcomes, by Sony Mathew, Mohammed Alam, and Michael Pecht

Improving the Reliability in the Next Generation of US Army Platforms Through Physics of Failure Analysis, by Geetha V. Chary, Ed Habtour, and Gary S. Drake

Novel Approach to Improve Electronics Reliability in the Next Generation of US Army Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles Under Complex Vibration Conditions, by Ed Habtour, Cholmin Choi, Michael Osterman, and Abhijit Dasgupta

Solid Particle Erosion Testing of Helicopter Rotor Blade Materials, by Marc Pepi, Richard Squillacioti, Lynne Pfledderer, and Andrew Phelps

Incorporation of a Probabilistic Monotonic Strain Energy Analysis to a Lifing Method, by Onome Scott-Emuakpor, Tommy George, Charles Cross, Todd Letcher, and M.-H. Herman Shen

We are grateful to MFPT for selecting our journal for the wider dissemination of these six articles, and we thank Dr. Marc Pepi, Deputy Branch Chief, Materials Manufacturing Technology Branch, Army Research Laboratory, for recommending these papers. Marc is chairman of the MFPT Failure Analysis Focus Group. The Failure Analysis Focus Group has a long-standing relationship with ASM, and previously published a special edition of this journal in April, 2008.


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