Having a Good Day

  • McIntyre R. Louthan

“Have a good day” is a frequently heard expression. Family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers may have said it to you to end a conversation. Although most people have used it, very few have actually questioned its meaning. I was almost speechless when my granddaughter, Annie Grace, asked, “What is a good day?” and being a typical engineer, I wanted to initiate a research program to establish the answer. Funding for such research is almost certainly available from the Department of Education or some other government agency but I thought that a rapid response was necessary and the research project dissolved into simply asking a few people, “what makes a good day?” The answers surprised me! No one mentioned winning the lottery, receiving a raise or a promotion or even being included in the will of a long forgotten, very rich uncle. Cards, letters, phone calls, chance meetings and flowers were good day makers. Good days included family, friends and fellowship. Dinners, desserts...

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