Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Ill Gotten Gains

  • McIntyre R. Louthan

The after dinner discussion turned to apartment rentals and finding the most suitable furniture for college students. Moving from a dorm room into a non-furnished apartment requires considerable furniture finding plus a search for pots, pans and “silverware.” Dave and Linda Rice’s only son, Josh, a materials engineering major at Virginia Tech, is moving to an apartment for the 2011–2012 academic year after two years of dorm life. Dave, Linda, my wife Fran, Josh, a friend of Josh’s and I were focused on minimizing the cost of the transition when Josh’s friend suggested that Josh had already paid for silverware from Tech’s dining halls. The meal plan includes a fee for lost and broken items and many students consider the payment of that fee an entitlement to several settings of silverware and, if necessary, a few plates and cups. Linda was horrified with the suggestion and immediately instructed Josh that he was not entitled to anything except meals and that removal of any housewares...

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