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Tantalum Alloy Has Improved Resistance to Corrosion and Hydrogen Embrittlement

H.C. Starck has developed a new tantalum alloy with improved corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement resistance. Ultra76tantalum has significantly lower corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement rates than NRC76 with comparable mechanical properties. Ultra76 exhibits hydrogen embrittlement rates 10 to 100× lower than those of NRC76, with or without platinum spots in HCl environments outside currently acceptable ranges of concentration and temperature. Additionally, in aggressive H2SO4 solutions at temperatures 30 to 50 °C above currently acceptable ranges, Ultra76 had hydrogen embrittlement rates that were 5 to 10× lower than NRC76, also with or without platinum spots.

A free brochure, “Ultra 76 Tantalum for Corrosive Resistant Applications,” is available for download from the company website.

For more information: H.C. Starck GmbH, e-mail:; web:

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