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Shaft Grounding Ring Protects Against Bearing Failure

Designed for high-current applications, the AEGIS iPRO Bearing Protection Ring from Electro Static Technology protects generators, turbines, and medium-voltage motors against electrical bearing damage by safely channeling harmful electrical currents away from bearings to ground.

If not diverted, shaft voltages induced by variable frequency drives (VFDs) discharge through the bearings of motors, generators, and coupled equipment. Embedded securely in the AEGIS FiberLock channel along the inner circumference of the iPRO, six rows of conductive microfibers completely surround the motor shaft, providing millions of discharge points for harmful shaft currents and creating the path of least resistance that effectively diverts these currents away from bearings to ground. The AEGIS iPRO Bearing Protection Ring is available in a range of sizes to accommodate generator/motor shafts up to 30 in. in diameter and is designed to facilitate field...

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