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Report Describes SCC as Cause of Flight Wheel Loss

As reported at The Aviation Herald (, the Italian Air Safety Board (ANSV) has released their final report regarding Air One Boeing 737-400, flight AP-2843 from Catania to Rome Fiumicino (Italy), which lost one nose wheel during takeoff on June 15, 2006. The report concludes that the probable cause was:

The fracture of the left nose wheel axle’s inner cylinder due to a stress-corrosion cracking mechanism. The fracture developed from a corrosion at the outer surface of the axle in the area of most mechanical stress, developed into a pitting and further led to the fracture. The corrosion was not detected by regular maintenance inspections because the damage developed in an area not effectively checked according to maintenance procedures at that time. The fracture therefore was attributed to the corrosion prevention task card which did not require the removal of the spacer for a surface inspection of the axle.

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