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Ultrasound Instrument Inspects Aerospace Composites

Olympus introduces a comprehensive inspection solution for laminate composite parts (CFRP) manufactured for the aerospace industry: The OmniScan MX Phased Array flaw detector with the 16:128 module, OmniScan MXU software, and a selection of specially designed curved linear phased array probes, and immersion corner wedges. In addition, a Mini Wheel encoder allows time- or distance-based manual scanning.

A major benefit of the OmniScan solution is the ability to scan and inspect the entire corner or radius in one pass. The geometry of the phased array probes, typically composed of 16 to 64 elements, allows for the ultrasonic beams to coincide at a 90° angle to the curved surface of the part. The menu-driven software interface of the OmniScan provides multiple amplitude or time-of-flight C-scan mapping for easy interpretation of inspection data.

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