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Retraction Tester Determines Temperature Range for Elasticity

The Benz TR 2200 temperature retraction tester from Benz Materials Testing Instruments, measures the effects of low temperature on rubber, plastic, and other elastomeric materials. Meeting and exceeding ISO 2921 and ASTM D-1329, the TR 2200 allows the accurate evaluation of crystallization and the comparison of rubber and rubberlike sample viscosity at low temperatures.

An operator stretches a sample, often to 50%, 100%, 150%, or 200% of the original length, cools it in a bath solution such as methanol or silicone grease, then releases the sample and allows it to retract. Windows-compatible Benzwin software, supplied with the TR tester, allows retraction point calculation and comparison. Readings are presented real-time and saved. A single sample can be analyzed in different conditions, and different samples can be compared. The Benz TR 2200 reports the low limit operating temperature of the elastomer and details the...

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