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June 6-10

Copper 2010

Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

The theme of the Copper 2010 Conference is “Copper—Indicator of the Progress of Civilization.” Copper 2010 is an important technical event for engineers, scientists, fabricators, and users of copper. Recently copper has become an important factor in the developing economies of East Asian countries and can be seen as an indicator of the progress of civilization in each country. All relevant areas of copper production and application and their surroundings such as energy savings, process optimization, health and safety issues, cost and commerce, recycling, and new developments will be presented in a series of parallel sessions. The program will include such topics as mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, electrowinning, electrometallurgy and refining, recycling, economics, process control and optimization, and others, as well as plenary sessions of general interest.

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