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Flow Wrap Inhibits Corrosion of Metal Products

A corrosion inhibiting flow wrap for storage of high-volume metal products has been launched by Technology Packaging of Northwood, UK. It eliminates the need to lubricate products with oil, and its corrosion inhibiting technology is said to last longer than previous techniques.

The TechCorro flow wrap is made from two laminated layers. The inner section consists of polythene extruded with a special formulation of corrosion resisting chemicals that “volatilize and are attracted to the charged surface of the metal,” explains Managing Director Jerry Harwood. “The flow of electrons in the metal, and the flow of ions in the electrolyte surface, are unable to operate, halting corrosion.” The outer polyester layer adds strength to the wrap and allows it to be heat sealed at temperatures of up to 250 °C. The anti-corrosion technology is available within the company’s stretch and shrink films, bubble wraps, foams, paper, boards, and plastics.


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