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Automated System Prepares Microelectronic Samples

The X-Mill Automated Precision Milling & Polishing System from Allied High Tech Products, Inc. is an automated milling and polishing system for sample preparation in the microelectronics industry.

Sample preparation applications include: backside/frontside failure analysis, reverse engineering, and materials research. The wizard-based operation (with on-screen help menus) defines: X-Y-Z start/stop, X-Y milling rate, Z-force, Z-increment, milling pattern, and tool overlap. Allied offers a variety of standard fixtures, as well as in-house capabilities for fixture design/manufacturing, and the development of polishing procedures. Sample holders are sold separately.

For more information: Allied High Tech Products, Inc., 2376 East Pacifica Place, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220; tel: 800/675-1118 (continental U.S.) or 310/635-2466 (worldwide); fax: 310/762-6808; e-mail:; web:

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