Pruning for Failure Prevention

  • McIntyre R. Louthan

Hank Richardson is the owner and chief surgeon for The Tree Guys, a small tree service company in Pulaski, Virginia. He has been effective in preventing failures at 7154 Island View Way for the past several years. Hank first came to our house in response to a request for bids to remove and/or prune several trees which either blocked a view from our deck, or were leaning against our boat lift. We needed Hank’s expertise a second time when a tall white pine was swaying extensively in the wind and about to be blown onto our garage. Hank’s third visit was to remove two trees, one which was leaning over our deck, and one which was infected by pine bores. On each visit Hank performed a visual assessment of the tree’s condition, evaluated the potential damage that tree failure would produce, then estimated the remaining operating life for the tree before performing the service necessary to prevent failure. In many ways The Tree Guys services are similar to those performed by a failure...

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