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Moisture Meter is Simple and Versatile

Building inspections are often in dark, difficult-to-reach spaces. The TechCheck Moisture Meter has a back-lit display, user-adjustable arm, and “hold” feature that facilitate demanding inspections. TechCheck is simple and versatile, with seamless integration of pin and pinless moisture measurement modes and a streamlined user interface. Features include:
  • Pin Mode (5-60% MC wood scale)

  • Scan Mode (0-300 numerical reference scale)

  • Auto shutoff timer to extend battery life

  • Alarm that sounds when preselected moisture threshold is reached

  • Rugged construction

  • Sturdy carrying case

For more information: Paul N. Gardner Company, Inc., The Gardner Building, 316 Northeast First Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060; tel: 954/946-9454; fax: 954/946-9309; e-mail:; web:

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