Government Waste, Bandwagons, and a Need for Sharing

  • McIntyre R. Louthan

The governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia recently bet the governor of Kansas that Virginia Tech would beat Kansas in the Orange Bowl. The wager included the promise to send the Kansas governor a Virginia ham if Kansas won. On the same day that I heard that the Virginia governor was using pork to lure the Kansas governor into a wager, I also received a report from Congressman Rick Boucher informing his constituency that he had obtained federal grants, better termed pork, for the town of Pulaski.

There are lots of empty buildings in Pulaski, primarily because the furniture industry has exited the area in favor of overseas operations. The pork that Congressman Boucher discussed was in the form of two grants in the total amount of $272,500 for “the planning of a nanotechnology business park in the town of Pulaski.” I live in Pulaski County, go to church in the town of Pulaski, and would love to see the empty buildings transformed into vibrant commercial centers... but a nanotechnology...

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