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Nikon Announces Universal-Design Microscope

The LV-UDM universal-design microscope, a universal microscope platform able to meet the demands of the academic and industrial fields, has been introduced by Nikon Instruments Inc. With its turret condenser and motorized nosepiece, the LV-UDM is a multifunctional microscope that can be used in bioscience and materials science applications without the need to change hardware.

Advanced illumination techniques for both transmitted and reflected light observations can be performed on a multitude of specimen types, ranging from thinly sliced biological tissues requiring a cover glass to larger 3-D industrial samples requiring greater working distances. When coupled with an array of biological and industrial objective lenses that fit the motorized nosepiece, these advanced illumination techniques provide the capability to cross over between bioscience and industrial markets and address the new generation of mixed samples in the growing...

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