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Is It Just a Job?

  • McIntyre R. LouthanEmail author

Delmer Wyatt, a friend and master carpenter, is currently building his first speculation house. He is personally doing most of the construction but occasionally needs to hire additional help because some jobs simply require at least two workers for successful completion. Delmer was part of the crew that did the renovation of our house. He has a wonderful work ethic, takes great pride in his work, and loves being a carpenter. Actually, Delmer apparently loves most of the construction processes required for house construction. Several weeks ago, he was installing some cornices that he made for our house after Fran found a need for window dressing on two of our picture windows. While he was installing the cornices, we were discussing the progress on his spec house and I felt that the story he told was appropriate for an editorial.

Delmer, looking for someone to help him install the hardwood flooring in the living room, approached another carpenter who was working for a mutual acquaintance...

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