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Brochure Describes High-Performance Coatings

A technical brochure from Victrex outlines key benefits of VICOTE Coatings, based on VICTREX PEEK polymer, including exceptional scratch and wear resistance, high-temperature performance, strength, and dimensional stability. Whether applied to cookware, piping, or automotive parts, VICOTE Coatings have the potential of extending the life of the coated application by 50 to 200%.

The brochure discusses the two types of VICOTE Coatings: the 700 Series powder grades and the 800 Series aqueous dispersion grades. Powder is used for electrostatic coating depending on the film thickness required and/or the temperature requirements, and aqueous dispersions are used for thinner coatings or where difficult geometries must be coated. The brochure contains a comprehensive description of the coatings’ benefits and performance characteristics and a comparison of the coatings to common fluoropolymers as well as test data comparing their performance in the...

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