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Simulation Software Integrates Parametric Modeling with Nastran FEA

Noran Engineering, Inc. has announced the release of NEiFusion, simulation software aimed at engineers in product design, development, optimization, testing, and quality. The product presents the unique and advantageous coupling of two software technologies from the design and analysis disciplines: 3-D feature-based, parametric CAD for model creation and high-accuracy Nastran solvers for solution generation. NEiFusion virtually tests parts in the design phase for a wide range of static and dynamic structural and thermal conditions in a CAD environment amenable to exploring design alternatives.

NEiFusion’s geometry technology enables a finite-element analysis (FEA) model development process that is very familiar to CAD users. The solid modeling engine is intuitive, robust, powerful, and proven in industry through extensive use in 3-D CAD systems. Nastran Solvers are valued for their accuracy, speed, and long history of...

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