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Product News

Product News

Standalone Digital Camera a Good Fit for Classroom

Capable of being operated by either the stand-alone control unit or by PC, the two-megapixel CCD Olympus DP20 digital camera can interface directly with a monitor or projector, which is convenient when only small lab space is available or for teaching and presentations. Live, high-resolution (1,600 × 1,200 pixels) images can be displayed on a UXGA high-definition monitor at a real-time rate of 15 frames per second. Exceptional color reproducibility and fidelity make the system a good choice for education and consultation or for applications that require frequent documentation, including pathological examination as well as inspections of electronic parts and industrial materials.

The ergonomic handset control’s on-screen menu and functional key layout can be used for quick image acquisition and measurement control. The focus indicator and the addition of panning 4× digital zoom function mean faster and more accurate focusing, even at...

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