Microstructural Stability and Mechanical Behavior of Pure Mg After One-Pass Equal Channel Angular Pressing Plus Intersection Annealing


A Fe-clad pure Mg bar was prepared by one-pass equal channel angular pressing at room temperature and was annealed subsequently at different time and temperatures. Microstructures, textures and compressive mechanical properties of the as-annealed samples were investigated. The results show that a large number of equiaxed grains appeared in the microstructure after different annealing treatment, manifesting that static recrystallization (SRX) took place during the annealing process. After intersection annealing at 200 °C × 30 min, microstructure is the most homogeneous and compressive properties are the best due to adequate SRX during annealing, indicating that a steady state has been achieved.

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This research was supported by the Doctoral Start-up Foundation of Shanxi Province (No. SD1926), the Scientific and Technologial Innovation Programs of Higher Education Institutions in Shanxi (No. 2020L0196) and the Shanxi Province Science Foundation for Youths (No. 201901D211342).

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  • annealing
  • microstructural stability
  • mechanical behaviour
  • pure mg