Synthesis and Characterization of Ti6Al4V-Nano-ZrO2 Composite Cladding on Ti6Al4V Substrate Using Fiber Laser


The synthesis and characterization of Ti6Al4V-nano-ZrO2 composite coatings on Ti6Al4V substrate using laser cladding method have been carried out. The effect of laser power and scanning speed on the clad layer morphology, microhardness, phase appearance, and tribological behavior of the composite cladding has been investigated. The formation of dendrite microstructure with retention of agglomerated nano-ZrO2 powder and metallic oxides such as TiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2 increases hardness and wear resistance of the cladding surface remarkably. The average microhardness of the cladding surface increased 4 times that of the substrate material. The discontinuous but uniformly dispersed reinforcement of ZrO2 is formed during the melting and solidification process. Cracks and pores and discontinuous phases of ZrO2 are also found in some of the samples. These discontinuous sites can retain lubricant; hence, the tribological behavior of the laser cladding composite coating may improve. This method establishes the reactive in situ formation of hard composite coating (TiO2-Al2O3-ZrO2) with a lower coefficient of friction than the Ti6Al4V using laser irradiation of wavelength 1070 nm.

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