Cavitation Erosion and Corrosion Behavior of NiTi Cladding with Cu and Nb Interlayers


Cavitation erosion resistance of NiTi claddings by tungsten inert gas with/without Cu, Nb and Cu + Nb interlayers was investigated. The NiTi-TIG and NiTi-Nb-TIG claddings cannot resist the cavitation erosion due to the presence of cracks and brittle phase Fe2Ti. The employment of Cu and Cu + Nb interlayers can inhibit the welding cracks and brittle phase Fe2Ti. The ranking according to the cavitation erosion resistance is NiTi plate > NiTi-Cu-TIG cladding ≈ NiTi-Cu-Nb-TIG cladding > stainless steel. The superior cavitation erosion resistance of NiTi-Cu-TIG and NiTi-Cu-Nb-TIG claddings results from high hardness, superelasticity, no cracks and no brittle Fe2Ti phases. However, the corrosion resistance of NiTi claddings with Cu and Cu + Nb interlayers is slightly reduced due to the existence of the second phases and pores, compared with the NiTi plate.

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This work was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Numbers: 51801218). The authors would like to acknowledge Huaining Chen, Hang Liang, and Zhaoxuan Zhang for preparing NiTi cladding by TIG surfacing process.

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