Microstructure and Strain Rate-Dependent Tensile Deformation Behavior of Fiber Laser-Welded Butt Joints of Dual-Phase Steels

  • Yang Liu
  • Danyang Dong
  • Zhiqiang Han
  • Zhibin Yang
  • Lu Wang
  • Qingwei Dong


The microstructure and tensile deformation behavior of the fiber laser-welded similar and dissimilar dual-phase (DP) steel joints over a wide range of strain rates from 10−3 to 103 s−1 were investigated for the further applications on the lightweight design of vehicles. The high strain rate dynamic tensile deformation process and full-field strain distribution of the base metals and welded joints were examined using the digital image correlation method and high-speed photography. The strain rate effects on the stress–strain responses, tensile properties, deformation, and fracture behavior of the investigated materials were analyzed. The yield stress (YS) and ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of the dissimilar DP780/DP980 welded joints were lying in-between those of the DP780 and DP980 base metals, and all materials exhibited positive strain rate dependence on the YS and UTS. Owing to the microstructure heterogeneity, the welded joints showed relatively lower ductility in terms of total elongation (TE) than those of the corresponding base metals. The strain localization started before the maximum load was reached, and the strain localization occurred earlier during the whole deformation process with increasing strain rate. As for the dissimilar welded joint, the strain localization tended to occur in the vicinity of the lowest hardness value across the welded joint, which was in the subcritical HAZ at the DP780 side. As the strain rate increased, the typical ductile failure characteristic of the investigated materials did not change.


digital image correlation (DIC) dual-phase (DP) steel fiber laser welding microstructure strain rate tensile deformation behavior 



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 51571052 and 51101029) and the Natural Science Fund of Liaoning Province (Grant Nos. 2014020034 and 20170540322).


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  • Danyang Dong
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  • Zhiqiang Han
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  • Zhibin Yang
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  • Lu Wang
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