Influence of Temperature and Thickness on the Thermoelectric Power of Nanocrystalline Na-DDQ Thin Film and Its Diode Application


Sodium-2,3-dicyano-5,6-dichloro-1,4-benzo-quinone, Na-DDQ in thin film form was synthesized using thermal evaporation onto glass fiber and p-Si single crystal substrates to measure thermoelectric properties and current–voltage (IV) characterization of a Au/n-NaDDQ/p-Si/Al device, respectively. The thermoelectric power of different Na-DDQ film thicknesses were obtained at different temperatures using the differential method. Subsequently, the thermoelectric parameters such as Seeback coefficient (S), charge carrier mobility (μ), charge carrier concentration (n) and activation energy (ΔE) were extracted. In addition, for application, the current–voltage (IV) characterization in forward and reverse bias and its temperature reliance of the Au/n-NaDDQ/p-Si/Al device in dark environment were studied. Therefore, this allows the calculation of some crucial parameters of device fabrication such as series and shunt resistance (Rs, Rsh), quality factor (m) and height of the potential barrier (φ). Furthermore, in a dim chamber the capacitance–voltage (CV) characteristics were investigated at room temperature to evaluate the junction built-in potential at 1 MHz of the Au/n-NaDDQ/p-Si/Al device.

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  • Thermoelectric properties
  • metal–organic mobility
  • metal–organic junction properties
  • metal–organic thin film and Na-DDQ