Investigation of DC, RF and Linearity Performances of III–V Semiconductor-Based Electrically Doped TFET for Mixed Signal Applications


The aim of this paper is to bring forward a novel hetero-material electrically doped (ED) GAA TFET for high-performing and power efficient mixed signal applications. A number of low and high band gap III–V semiconductors were considered at source and drain channel regions, and their electrical characteristics were compared to identify the best alternative. To that end, DC/RF/linearity properties of AlGaSb/GaAsP, Ge/GaAs, Si/GaAs, Si/Ge, Silicon and SiGe/Si based ED GAA TFETs were analyzed. We found that the AlGaSb/GaAs-ED-TFET provides 16 \(\mu \hbox {A}\) ON current at 25 mV/decade subthreshold swing and 1e13 \(I_{ON}/ I_{OFF}\) ratio with exceptional analog and linearity characteristics. Also, we found that interface trap charges (ITC) in AlGaSb/GaAs-ED-TFET present negligible impact and have no effect on system performance. Further, improvisation is possible through mole fraction optimization of \(Al_{x}Ga_{1-x}Sb\). Finally, the mixed signal components that are widely available in system architectures are implemented using AlGaSb/GaAs-ED-TFET and their performance criteria are measured. All device simulations were performed using the TCAD Silvaco tool, and look-up based Verilog-A technique was used for circuit simulation in Cadence.

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