A Numerical Fitting-Based Compact Model: An Effective Way to Extract Solar Cell Parameters


We have developed an electrical circuit-based compact numerical fitting model to determine industry-related physical parameters of solar cells utilizing only 3–8 current–voltage coordinate points without any specific selection of an experimental coordinate axis. The proposed compact numerical fitting model was effectively tested to determine the peak power point, fill factor and efficiencies for organic and inorganic solar cells, as well as for solar panels. This research facilitates cost-effective energy management of solar modules and farms.

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SM and GKD thank SRM University, AP research funding for financial support. SM acknowledge SERB- DST, Govt. of India for Early Career Research Award Grants (ECR/2017/001937). SR acknowledges the support provided by NUS Hybrid-Integrated Flexible (Stretchable) Electronic Systems (HiFES) Program Seed Fund (grant no. R265000628133).

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  • Compact model
  • solar cell
  • Thiele technique
  • series resistance