Numerical and Physical Simulation of the Fluid Flow in a Beam Blank Mold Fed Through the Center of the Web


Fluid flow inside a beam blank mold fed through a three-port SEN (two lateral ports and one bottom port), positioned at the center of the mold, has been investigated. Literature survey shows that this kind of configuration is not frequently used. It had been shown that it is possible to get a symmetrical flow with this configuration. The downward inclination of the ports should influence the transient fluid flow. The greater the downward inclination, the greater is the instability of the jet and of the interface between the immiscible fluids that simulate the slag/metal behavior. The flow characterization was made by dye dispersion, PIV technique, measurement of the meniscus oscillation using ultrasonic sensors, and CFD simulations. The slag/metal behavior was simulated using water and oils with different physical properties. The results from PIV as well as from observations of the water–oil interface have been used to validate the CFD simulations. Oils with density close to water resulted in more instability at the interface with entrainment starting from fluid flow rate of 125 L/min (equivalent to casting speed of 1 m/min). Decreasing the viscosity of slag (oils) and increasing the casting velocity (water flow rate) result in reduction of the interfacial stability.

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The authors wish to acknowledge the help provided by the research institutions in Brazil namely CNPq, CAPES, Fundação Gorceix, and FAPEMIG.

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