A Review of Methodology Development for Controlling Loss of Alloying Elements During the Electroslag Remelting Process


Electroslag remelting (ESR) is an advanced secondary refining technology for the production of clean, fully dense, and homogeneous castings of steels and alloys by removal of undesirable elements and nonmetallic inclusions. However, because of some potential reactions between reactive elements, i.e., Al and Ti, in liquid metal and oxygen as well as weak oxides, such as FeO and SiO2, in slag during the ESR process, it is impossible to hold those oxidative elements within specification or to maintain them uniformly from the bottom to top of the resultant ingot. According to a literature survey, recent fundamental research on the oxidation behaviors of Al and Ti in nickel-based alloy by ESR-type slag is scarce. Therefore, summarizing previous knowledge on the controlling loss reactive elements during ESR of Fe- and Ni-based alloys in view of thermodynamics and kinetics is in order to increase the basic understanding of the reaction mechanism between those elements and oxygen and weak oxides in the slag, which can guide the development of a new remelting technique that retards the oxidation of Al and Ti in Inconel 718 alloys during the ESR process. The presence of impurity elements, such as oxygen and sulfur, can also deteriorate the mechanical properties of metal products. Therefore, the inter-related literature about desulfurization during the ESR process is also reviewed in this article.

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