Structure and Reactivity of Low-Rank Coal Chars Prepared from Fluidized Bed and Moving Bed Pyrolyzers and the Potential for Using Them in Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI)


Utilizing pyrolysis chars as the injection fuel in a blast furnace can reduce the dependence on high-quality pulverized coal injection (PCI) coal. In this study, the physical properties and reaction characteristics of chars prepared from two different industrial-scale pyrolyzers (fluidized bed and moving bed) are investigated. The results reveal remarkable component segregation in the char particles with different particle sizes. The properties of large-size char particles are found to better satisfy the PCI fuel requirement in a blast furnace. Compared with PCI coal, the char particles exhibit a rough surface, well-developed pore structure, and less-ordered chemical structure of carbon. Results from isothermal combustion, isothermal gasification, and drop tube furnace experiments show that both types of chars exhibit a better reactivity than PCI coal. The excellent reactivity of chars is closely related to its high Brunauer–Emmett–Teller surface area and relatively poor chemical ordering during conversion. Based on these characteristics, both fluidized bed char (FBC) and moving bed char (MBC) have a great potential to be used as PCI fuels. The application method of chars for PCI in a blast furnace is proposed finally.

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The authors thank the Natural Science Foundation Project of China (Nos. 51704224 and 51574189), and the Natural Science Foundation Research Project, Shaanxi, China (No. 2017TSCXL-GY-04-01 and 2015Ktzdsf01-04) for funding this research.

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