In Situ Observation and Phase-Field Modeling of Peritectic Solidification of Low-Carbon Steel


In the present study, both in situ experiment and multiphase field modeling are adopted to investigate the peritectic solidification of a low-carbon steel. The results show that the peritectic reaction occurs at the temperature of 3.4 K lower than the equilibrium peritectic temperature, the γ-austenite first nucleates at the δ/L boundary, and then rapidly propagates along the δ/L boundary by the advance of the L/γ/δ triple point till the δ-ferrite is encircled by the γ austenite. The whole peritectic reaction process is very fast, and the measured and predicted average propagation velocity of L/γ/δ triple point along the δ/L boundary are, respectively, 1.36 and 1.09 mm/s. This small difference between the measurement and prediction means that the developed multiphase field model is capable of predicting the peritectic reaction and peritectic transformation during the peritectic solidification process of Fe-C alloy, and the peritectic reaction can be regarded as a solute diffusion-controlled process. With the increase of cooling rate and undercooling, the advancing velocities of L/γ/δ triple point, L/γ interface and γ/δ interface increase, and thus the γ-austenite between the liquid phase and δ phase becomes longer and thicker for the same elapsed time.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support of National Key Research and Development Plan (Nos. 2017YFB0304100, 2016YFB0300105), National Natural Science of China (Nos. 51674072, 51704151, 51804067) and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (Nos. N182504014, N170708020, N172503013).

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