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Via di accesso innovativa alla lamina quadrilatera: Anterior Combined Endopelvic (ACE) approach

  • Guido RoccaEmail author
  • Stefano Bolcic
  • Dimitrios Patronis
  • Emanuele Boero

ACE approach: innovative approach to the quadrilateral lamina


We have designed and performed a new anterior pelvic approach for eight years. This has enabled us to obtain a wide direct visibility, and to improve our clinical and functional outcomes. Being easy to perform, it allows for reduction of surgical times. The learning curve is quicker, therefore it is intended to be an opportunity for those young surgeons who want to undertake this rather complex surgery.


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  • Guido Rocca
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    Email author
  • Stefano Bolcic
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  • Dimitrios Patronis
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  • Emanuele Boero
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