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Fratture patologiche diafisarie

  • Andrea Piccioli
  • Federico Maria Sacchetti
  • Maria Silvia Spinelli

Pathologic shaft fractures


Pathologic fractures may occur in several conditions. In this paper the authors will analyse fractures involving the bone diaphysis owing to oncologic conditions. Pathologic fractures always represent a dramatic condition for the patient, as they cause pain and disability with an impact on the quality of life and, in some cases, on survival. The diagnosis of the underlying condition is essential before planning surgery. Primary and metastatic bone lesions involving a pathologic fracture have different surgical aims and planning. The diagnosis and treatment of impending fractures should be carefully considered to reduce the frequency of pathologic fractures and their sequelae in metastatic bone patients.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Andrea Piccioli
    • 1
  • Federico Maria Sacchetti
    • 2
  • Maria Silvia Spinelli
    • 3
  1. 1.Centro Oncologico “Palazzo Baleani”Azienda Policlinico “Umberto I”RomaItalia
  2. 2.“Sapienza” Università di RomaRomaItalia
  3. 3.Ospedale S. Giovanni Calibita, Fatebenefratelli, Isola TiberinaRomaItalia

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