Marlene Barth

A Case Study on Data Portability

Measuring the Maturity of Data Portability Exports in IoT Platforms


Today, IoT solutions and IoT platforms are widespread and used every day to manage IoT devices and their diverse information. With a high volume of personal data processed, IoT pictures a business sector where the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is omnipresent and deeply rooted in the systems, processes, products and services. The ’right to data portability’ (RTDP) that is granted in the GDPR addresses the problem of vendor lock-in due to the low maturity of the transferability of the user’s personal data. Because of the missing empirical evidence and legislative implementation recommendations, providers of IoT solutions are uncertain about the requirements whose fulfillment would be necessary for compliance to the RTDP. This article contributes to a more precise understanding of how RTDP is currently implemented in IoT platforms by requesting data portability exports from today’s IoT platform providers. The results are used to develop a RTDP maturity model and assign risks to the existing implementations.

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