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, Volume 36, Issue 9, pp 666–669 | Cite as

Does not compute — old security vs new threats

  • Sandro Gaycken


“Does not compute” was a catchphrase in old science fiction works. It was mostly uttered by robots that were in the unfortunate situation of having to understand the human conditions in computational logic. The robots frequently exploded in such cases. IT-security finds itself in a similar situation. It has to understand a new situation: a revolutionary change in the offense. Attackers have grown up. Resourceful, strategic perpetrators have appeared on the stage. Yet IT security cannot tackle these attackers. Its’ priorities are not aligned appropriately. This suggests the need for a paradigm change. But this is not easily evoked. Persistent uncertainties hamper the necessary decisions. And unfortunately, not the inflexible IT security, but other things might explode.


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