Fabrication and Property of SiC Ceramic with Large Thickness/Diameter Ratios


Silicon carbide ceramics with different thicknesses/diameter ratios were prepared by using ultra-fine silicon carbide powder with the sintering additives of 1.0 wt% boron and 1.5 wt% carbon. The influence of thickness/diameter ratio on the microstructure and density of SiC ceramics was investigated in detail. The experimental results show that the addition of boron and carbon sintering aids can promote the densification process of SiC ceramic, leading to the low sintering temperature and improve mechanical properties. At 1950 °C, SiC ceramic with a density of 99% exhibits Young’s modulus, hardness, and flexural strength of 476 MPa, 28.3 GPa, and 334 MPa, respectively. It is found that long holding time has a positive effect on the uniformity of the microstructure and density distribution of SiC ceramics with large thickness/diameter ratios. Additionally, the sintering additive of boron can solid-solve into SiC, and then facilitate the phase transformation of SiC to form 6H-SiC and 4H-SiC composite ceramics.

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