Urchin-like MnO/C microspheres as high-performance lithium-ion battery anode


Manganese oxide (MnO) is prospective as anode material for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) due to its low insertion voltage and high reversible capacity. Here, urchin-like MnO microspheres with carbon coating (u-MnO/C) are synthesized through hydrothermal method, and its lithium storage performance is investigated. The unique urchin-like structures of u-MnO/C endow it high surface area which provides sufficient contact with electrolyte. The carbon coating can effectively suffer volume change of u-MnO during charge/discharge process. Meanwhile, the carbon coating can effectively improve the conductivity of u-MnO-based anode. Due to the above features, u-MnO/C delivers high initial capacity of 845 mAh g−1, and an obvious activation process is observed at the beginning of the cycles thanks to the abundant invasion of the electrolyte into u-MnO/C. The large capacity of 723 mAh g-1 can still be achieved after 80 cycles. This work provides a promising guide for designing high-performance LIBs electrode materials.

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This work was financially supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (Nos. 53200859564 and 53200859035). The Research Starting Foundation from Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (Grant No. 2018GBJ-04).

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