Rational designing Ni3-xFexS2 nanosheet arrays on Ni foam to enhance supercapacitor performance


Supercapacitors are important renewable and sustainable electrochemical energy storage devices with significant advantages including rapid charge/discharge rates, long cycle lifetimes, and high power densities. Herein, to achieve high-performance supercapacitors, Ni3-xFexS2 nanosheet arrays were synthesized on Ni foam with different Ni/Fe ratios. The incorporation of Fe atoms allows the adjustment of the electron configuration of the Ni–Fe bimetal sulfides and thus significantly influenced their electrochemical activity in a supercapacitor system. As expected, compared with the monometal sulfide Ni3S2, the Ni2FeS2-based supercapacitor delivered a superior capacitive performance and rate capability owing to its unique nanosheet array structure and bimetallic composition.

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This project was supported by Scientific Research Fund of Hunan Provincial Education Department (18C0784) and Science and Technology Project of Changsha (K1705059).

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