Fast image encryption algorithm with high security level using the Bülban chaotic map


In the last decades, a big number of image encryption schemes have been proposed. Most of these schemes reach a high-security level, however, their slow speeds due to their complex process make them unusable in real-time applications. Motivated by this, we propose a new efficient and high-speed image encryption scheme based on the Bülban chaotic map. Unlike most of the existing schemes, we make a wisely use of this simple chaotic map to generate only a few numbers of random rows and columns. Moreover, to further increase the speed, we raise the processing unit from the pixel level to the row/column level. Security of the new scheme is achieved through a substitution-permutation network, where we apply a circular shift of rows and columns to break the strong correlation of adjacent pixels. Then, we combine the XOR operation with the Modulo function to mask the pixels values and prevent any leak of information. High-security tests and simulation analysis have been carried out to demonstrate that the scheme is extremely secure and highly fast for real-time image processing at 80 fps (frames per second).

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This research is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (no.: 61672124), the Password Theory Project of the 13th Five-Year Plan National Cryptography Development Fund (no.: MMJJ20170203), Liaoning Province Science and Technology Innovation Leading Talents Program Project (no.: XLYC1802013), Key R&D Projects of Liaoning Province (no.: 2019020105-JH2/103), Jinan City ‘20 universities’ Funding Projects Introducing Innovation Team Program (no.: 2019GXRC031).

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  • Image encryption
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