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Investigation of Nitrogen Effects on Growth and Yield of Two Potato Cultivars in Northern Plains of India


Optimum quantity of nitrogen fertilizer to maximize the production and minimize the cost of cultivation is need of the day. Therefore, it is obligatory to know the nitrogen demand of potato crop for economical production and minimizing the negative effect on environment. Consequently, an experiment was conducted at CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, for 2 years to investigate the effect of nitrogen levels on newly developed potato varieties Kufri Surya and Kufri Sadabahar. Nitrogen dose of 300 kg/ha gave the highest values for growth parameters which were at par with 225 kg/ha nitrogen, whereas the maximum values for yield parameters as well as dry matter content (tubers + haulms) were recorded with nitrogen dose of 225 kg/ha. It means nitrogen above 225 kg/ha has no significant effect on crop yield parameters. The variety Kufri Sadabahar gave significantly higher values for all the growth and yield parameters than Kufri Surya. It was concluded that the variety Kufri Sadabahar supplied with nitrogen 225 kg/ha gave the maximum productivity (388.7 q/ha), net income (Rs. 2,08,576/ha) and benefit to cost ratio (2.31).

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