Service-Learning for Youth Leadership


The book title Service-Learning for Youth Leadership is edited by Shek, T. L., Ngai, G. and Chan, S. C. includes several important studies on service learning and youth leadership. The book includes several important studies on service learning and youth leadership. Firstly, service-learning is a dynamic foundation in the elevation of public engagement and leadership for youth in scholars via making them able to apply their skills and knowledge to deserving people in society. Even though service-learning has significant importance in the West, its progression in various Chinese societies is still at the beginning. This book includes momentous studies on the successful application, forthcoming guidelines of service-learning with the inclusion of success stories of movement in China. Moreover, the book has included the impacts of service-learning on the life of students in term of quality of life, social awareness, civic engagement, youth leadership, social responsibility, and empathy. Furthermore, the book highlights how service learning for youth leadership has a significant role in the happiness and well-being of people. In addition, it encourages and accelerates the thoughts of students, managers and the people who want to perfect the life quality of students and service beneficiaries by service-learning.

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