Optical Channel Drop Filter Design Based on PCRR and Micro Cavity Resonator


Optical channel drop filter (OCDF) plays a key role in optical communication networks for filtering the individual wavelength among the group of channels in wavelength division multiplexing systems. There are several channel drop filters with different design mechanisms available in the literature, but those structure dimensions are not compact enough for the photonic integrated applications. Hence, in this paper, a compact and efficient OCDF is developed in the triangular lattice PC structure based on diamond-shaped photonic crystal ring resonator (PCRR) mechanism combined with micro cavity resonator (MCR). The developed OCDF is analysed for different operating wavelengths by considering the different positions of MCR around the main PCRR. Based upon the position of the MCR around PCRR, the three dropping wavelengths such as 1540 nm, 1550 nm, and 1570 nm are observed at the output waveguides with 100% dropping efficiency. Then the structural and performance parameter comparison is done between the proposed and existing structures in terms of device dimension, dropping efficiency, and quality factor. It is depicted through the results that the quality factor and the device dimension are better than that of the existing structures for 1550-nm wavelength.

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  • Photonic crystal
  • Optical channel drop filter
  • Ring resonator
  • Cavity resonator
  • Photonic band gap